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How long has Seven Seas been around?

Seven Seas Pharmacy started serving it's customers in 1969 in Liberty Market, Lahore.

Why should I trust Seven Seas Pharmacy?'

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Where is Seven Seas Pharmacy located?

We are situated in Johar Town Lahore, opposite G1 market

How do I know my order has been placed?

An email with your order number will be sent to you once you place your order.  You will also receive a call 

Where is my order?

Go to ‘Your Account’ and ‘Order History & Details’.

Can I place an order without making an account?

You can place your order with us without having an account. But if you make an account with us, it will allow you to order easily without having to fill in your details every time you shop with us. You will also receive benefits such as order tracking, regular updates about offers and discount codes.

Why isn't my order status updating?

Please check your internet connection or refresh your page.

Can I change/cancel my order?

You may cancel your order before it has been shipped. Once you receive an email saying that the order has been shipped, you won’t be able to cancel it. To change your order, you will have to cancel your current order before shipment and make a new order of your choice.

I am missing an item in my order, what do I do?

We may have sent your items in separate parcels, so please check your emails to see if any of your items will be arriving separately. If that’s not the case, please contact us at 042-35291126 or 03107777327.

Do you have a Return policy?

Please see page Shipment & Returns

Can I exchange what I ordered for something else?

Do you deliver outside Lahore?

Please see page Shipment & Returns

What If I'm not available at the time of delivery?

How long does it take you to deliver an order?

Please see page Shipment & Returns

Is there a delivery cost?

Please see page Shipment & Returns

How do I pay for my order?

Is there a credit or payment by installment policy?

Are the prices on the website negotiable?

The price of an item has changed since I ordered it, which amount do I pay?

Do you offer a discount on any credit/debit card?

I can not find the product I am looking for.

How can I ensure the product will not be expired or fake?

How do you handle temperature sensitive products?

The product I require is unavailable at your store.

How do I register?

I forgot my password.

I forgot my username AND my password.

How can I contact you?

Does Seven Seas provide counselling services?

Do you provide vaccinations?